Uman web cameras online streams


The project was created by company “ТІМ” allows to watch streams of some of public webcams placed about Uman region. Webcams are mounted in different places, namely, near state institutions, on the main streets of the city and villages, at stations and bus stops, in the most popular and crowded by locals and tourists places. Video from webcams is streamed online so you can keep track of the city events anytime and anywhere. The network is constantly expanding, new webcams are being placed, and consequently more and more places are available for online viewing.

This web site also hosts a part of security cameras of “Safe City“ project. The project was created by Uman City Council and entrepreneurs of the city in order to improve the criminogenic situation and for the enforcement of law. Video from the cameras is streamed to the police station 24 hours a day, providing continuous monitoring by law enforcement officials.

The mode of watching web cameras via the Internet. You can watch webcams at The quality of video stream depends on the Internet speed. For a comfortable webcam experience, the connection speed must be at least 2 Mbps.